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eur/chf eur/usd european central banks governor program exchange rate forex

Big changes for EUR/CHF and EUR/USD?

Financial markets have not yet subsided from the shock that followed the publication the Swiss central bank on Thursday, there is already new date, which could once again shook the financial markets. On Thursday, 22nd January is scheduled a meeting of Governors of European Central banks, according to which once again could lead to rapid […]

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fibonacci sequence numbers table forex trading

Fibonacci sequence

We are not talking about magic numbers, that can unlock all markets and allow you to make a lot of money, but Fibonacci sequence is very popular among traders. Many investors and traders don’t know or don’t use Fibonacci sequence in their trading. Fibonacci technical analysis is more prevalent among active investors and day traders […]

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Basket trading

Basket trading involves placing orders with each, covering a range of currency pairs. Basket trading is designed to achieve the goal and this technique is often used by automated traders, hedge funds and large institutional investors who have a lot of capital to invest. Small investors use basket trading as a way of risk reduction. […]

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martingale system forex trading betting

Martingale system

The strategy of Martingale system is used to increase the value of each new trading after the loss. This trading technique was first conceived in the 18th century in France and it was based on the operative part, that trader can not lose all the time. This system was originally used in casinos, gamblers were […]

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fundamental traders trading types forex

Types of traders: Fundamental traders

Fundamental traders are typically very methodical, with a good knowledge of particular asset and factors that may affect the pricing of that asset. For example fundamental analyst would look earning report in company, trading updates and evaluate major themes that may influence how company will perform in future (interest rates, retail sales,…). The fundamental traders […]

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swing traders forex trading profit fx mt4

Types of traders: The swing traders

Swing traders don’t let their emotions influence their trading and pay strict attention to pure price action to help them determine their next trade. Swing traders are technical in nature, they are ignoring the noise of breaking news and focus only on price action and trends. They look to get the most out of price […]

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long term traders forex market profit mt4

Types of traders: Long term traders

Long term traders adopt a buy and hold strategy, which means buying an asset and holding onto that assest for a number of years until increases the value. FTSE 100 or Dow Jones has average yearly increase in value between 5% – 10% and this proves to be a good long term strategy for many […]

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Types of traders: Technical traders

Technical traders use array of technical indicators such as simple moving average (MA), relative of strength index (RSI) or momentum to help them to see the current price trend and spot trading opportunities. The technical traders are very mechanical and methodical and they use a range of technical indicators to highlight where current prices are […]

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day traders types kind trader forex

Types of traders: The day traders

Day traders are known to chase markets and they place multiple trades throughout the trading day and seek profit from small movements. No overnight risk is held and they may look to place as many as 10 to 20 positions in a single trading session. Given the high frequency of trading day traders have to have […]

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technical analysis forex trading mt4 ea

Rules for trading

Trading on currency markets can be emotional and stressful, which requires a high degree of self control. This is not a story how to quickly become rich. Learning trading requires practice, patience and it takes time to win the basics. People without self control and people who make hasty decisions will quickly find themselves on […]

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