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Forex Trend Scanner - Trendy 1

Forex Trend Scanner – Forex Trendy

A lot of us have problems to identify Trends in Forex. So how to spot a trend? Are you sure its a good trend? I found myself asking this questions all the time. But finally found the answer with Forex Trend Scanner Trendy. What we are explaining here is a website where you log on […]

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technical analysis forex trading mt4 ea

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is a method, that attempts to predict the most probable direction of movement of prices in the future based on past market data, among which the most important role plays the price of a financial instrument and circulation during period. The main advantage of technical analysis is that is simple to use in […]

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cup and handle pattern forex trading

The cup and handle pattern

Cup and handle pattern is a bullish pattern, that marks the consolidation phase, followed by breakthrough. Components of cup and handle pattern The current trend: ideally is presented a few months trend, which is not yet fully developed. The more the trend is developed, the lower is probability that the cup and handle pattern points […]

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triple tops and bottoms forex basic patterns pattern

Triple tops and bottoms

Triple tops and bottoms are the version of the head and shoulders pattern, but it occurs much less frequently. Technical analysts often disagree on whether it is a head and shoulders pattern or it is the triple tops and bottoms pattern, which is actually irrelevant, because the effects of these two patterns are the same. […]

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double tops and bottoms pattern forex

Double tops and bottoms

When you see the formation of W or M pattern, pay attention, because it may represent a trend reversal. See here info about the pattern called double tops and bottoms. Pattern with double bottom A pattern with double bottom is a small peak, surrounded by two bottoms. Using a pattern of double bottoms Purchase opportunity […]

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head and shoulders bullish trend pattern forex

Head and shoulders

Head and shoulders pattern is most applicable to short positions (those are the positions where profits arise when there is a fall on the price). After it has three peaks, the price falls and that is textbook example of good opportunity. When there is first bottom it means, that there has been decline in demand […]

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ascending triangle breakthrough graph forex foremmt4ea

Ascending and descending triangle

Ascending and descending triangle represent a typical upward and downward trend. When you notice that the price move within the price lines and creates a dwindling bottoms, that means that it will create a ascending pattern of triangles and that there will be a breakthrough. Ascending triangle with breakthrough You can draw the pattern by […]

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symmetrical triangle forex breakthrough forexmt4ea graph

Symmetrical triangle

Symmetrical triangle occurs, when the price moves up and down and approaching to a common point. Movement will become increasingly smaller, until it reaches a critical value at which comes to breakthrough of sample lines, up or down. Symmetrical triangle is formed, when there is uncertainty about the cost among investors. When it comes to […]

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