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drop support resistance line script

Drop Support Resistance Line Script for MT4

Drawing clear, nice looking, colorful Support Resistance Lines was never so easy. With Drop Support Resistance Line Script you can just drag and drop it to where you want it. There is no need to change colors in properties anymore for each support resistance Line you draw. This can now be done automatically with Drop […]

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drop level lines script

Drop Level Lines Script for MT4

How much time do you spend when drawing your Level Lines on chart? Sure you can be fast but not if you want to color them and add price next to them! Drop Level Lines Script for MT4 is the helping tool of your choice! Well with Drop Level Lines script this is done automatically […]

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Profit on drop Script

Profit On Drop Script for MT4

If you have Multiple opened orders and you want to know where on the chart you will have some profit just drag & drop the Profit On Drop Script on that place in Chart and it will show you what profit / loss you would have on that place in chart This Profit On Drop […]

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