Types of traders: The day traders

Day traders are known to chase markets and they place multiple trades throughout the trading day and seek profit from small movements.

day traders types kind trader forex

Day traders are extremely opportunistic

No overnight risk is held and they may look to place as many as 10 to 20 positions in a single trading session. Given the high frequency of trading day traders have to have a strong sense of understanding the markets as well as be somewhat mechanical in trading, taking loses on the chain and refraining from letting emotions drives their trading. Day traders are extremely opportunistic and they are looking to get the most out of all market moves especially during times of heightened market volatility.

Main features of day traders:

  • aims for 10 to 20 positions a day
  • they are extremely opportunistic
  • they are excites by heightened market volatility
  • they seeks to profit from small market movements
  • they looks for multiple daily trades
  • they are not interested in overnight risk

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