Where, why and when to trade on forex?

Why to trade on forex?

  • Are you looking for interesting work from home and the opportunity to earn money from home?
  • You do not need to get up early every morning and work hard to endure the boss.
  • Work for yourself and your future. Want to know how? It is not difficult!

Learn how to trade on Forex yourself and take care of your financial freedom. We will assist you with tricks and tips.

Where to trade on forex?

You can trade from home, at work (if your boss allows), on a family vacation … anywhere. All you need is an internet connection!

We advise you to first open a demo trading account – your input is just your time. Test, at least until you acquire the necessary knowledge for successful trading.

When you are confident, open a real trading account, which may be in € or $.

When to trade on forex?

Most often you sat down at the computer and our trading platforms in the evening, when you finally take some time for yourself and want to disconnect from everyday problems at work or at home, or to earn some money. You will quickly figure out that evening is not the best time for trading.

Surely you’ve repeatedly asked when is the best time or day of the week trading at Forex. Let us help you with research findings (FX Engines, Inc.), which are shown in the tables below.

The first table shows the best time of the day (best hour) for trading in the second table the best day of the week. Times appearing in the table are the times ET (Eastern Time Zone USA & Canada).

trade on forex when to trade on forex best time

Best hours to trade on forex

trade on forex best day time to trade

Best day of a week to trade on forex







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